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In order to evolve you must be able to ADAPT!
People blindly follow religion. They never question the origins, rituals, symbols, etc. they just regurgitate something they read in a fickle book written by man. 
They go to church because their parents did and so on. They believe in the weirdest forms of superstition. They shun those who don’t follow their beliefs. They try to force their religion on you. It’s sickening sometimes.

Now I’m far from atheist, but I’m even further from any religion or systematic/structured way of living spiritually. Just know my posts aren’t for those who wish to cling to their beliefs. My posts are for those with open minds who DO question the things that go on in their lives. Whether they believe them or not. If your religion works for you and your happy. By all means enjoy yourself. But don’t impose on others what you believe is the right way to live. That is YOUR path. There are many paths to righteousness as vast as creation itself. I don’t have the time or energy to go back and forth with those who refuse to question the validity of their reality. I mean to each it’s own. Just go somewhere else with the ignorance… 

P.S. I just think it’s funny how backwards Christianity and Catholicism is. It’s literally like they are throwing shade at God. 

Christians worship Christ which stated you should not worship him 😑

And in Catholicism the pope claims hisself to be God 😑 I won’t even get into the levels of hypocrisy in the bible or the misdeeds of religious leaders. My tea is getting cold…
I’m dead 💀
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