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Take it back to da Essence! #StreetzShotEm
Do you get it now? We need a shift in paradigms. The justice system is fraudulent.
Protesting is a form of group think. Which doesn’t really solve much. Just adds fire to the flame. Trust they want us to protest, they want us to riot. They want chaos, why do you think the brutality has increased. What we really need is to band together and create CHANGE. Not the same old same old. Marching and begging govt for change won’t do shit. What we need is an agenda that counteracts theirs. What we need is peace and isolation from the chaos the govt has culminated for sometime. What we don’t need is a perfect excuse for martial law to hit the streets. We must form our own militias and task forces. Our own “protectors and servers” our own economy… We must dismiss this old system and unite for the greater good. Instead of getting sucked into the systematic bullshit like they want us too. We need our own schools, hospitals, markets, banks, insurance etc. The system is no longer just. It is fueled by the economy and not humanity. It is our right to dispose of it.
#ferguson #mikebrown #mediablackout
Some random artwork I found in the studio….
Paradigm Shift