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Don’t run from it. EMBRACE IT! It only makes you stronger…
The power of prayer…
#LevelsToThisLifeShit lol at the last one tho
Thanks for the love everybody. You can check out the new video “What Chu Know” By Avery shot by myself. The link is in my bio. #OnlyGettingBetter
History repeats itself…
Instead of bashing each other about who has hurt who or what not, we must stand together and look at the bigger picture. At the end of the day we all we got!
This just hurts…
Brothers and sisters do me a favor and follow @iamsheofficial a page dedicated to the empowerment of women all over. You can tell a great deal about a nation by the way they treat their women. Let’s do better, let’s help each other, let’s UNITE!
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Thanks for all the support! In case you haven’t watched it yet. Check out the new video “What Chu Know” by @ave_meddler shot, directed, and edited by myself. #LinkInBio

P.S. This is my first video I appreciate all constructive criticism don’t be afraid to talk your shit lol